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Let’s Play, ft. Tom Waits

oh my god

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ryan’s fucking wheezing rasping laugh when he set gavin on fire just made me fucking lose it god damn

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Ryan is so goddamned sick it’s hilarious

on the plus side we can now tell him and jack apart

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good news my camera work is also mediocre and i do that shit for a living so do not worry

see it works out ‘cos then every time we see something the camera will be conveniently facing something else. we’ll be great this’ll be so much fun

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Great now you got me watching the Monopoly video

it’s all of my favorite things: ah, monopoly, and watching other people play video games

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i went from “yeah a chievement hunter that sure is…a thing…that…exists? might be something tumblr made up” to “oh boy oh boy i can’t wait to sit there for over an hour and watch a bunch of strange men play monopoly” in a worrying amount of time

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dammit school distracted me and i didn’t even notice they put up a new round of monopoly!!!!!

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we can just rent cameras and audio recorders from my job (and by rent I mean I take them over the weekend and return them before anyone notices)


i really wish i had anything to bring to the table but my camerawork is mediocre at best and my editing skills are only slightly better and also i’m completely terrified of ghosts)

but yeah

yeahhhhhhhhhhhh! we could do this and do spooky voiceovers and everything

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I’m down but first we need funding lets start a kickstarter

okay but that sounds like a whole thing so plan a is the kickstarter plan b we just fuckin’ rob a place start a new life ghost hunting on the lam

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I’ve legit thought of looking into it I have a similar background to the GA guys and could handle the techy stuff

you could be the tango to my steve! let’s do this courtney

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