alpha two wins
Ignore the old adage that it is always best to negotiate from a position of strength. Recent studies prove that it is always best to negotiate from double scorpion.


"Why would the murder break ever end?"

"Apparently it doesn’t make for good footage

lots of ryan lately. not sure if I should apologise to mr haywood or not

but seriously, sorry kerry for having ryan beat the shit out of you the first time i drew you

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yes omg please

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texting my old section mates that i can’t hear them playing from my house so they clearly need to be playing much louder


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college students walk like they’re desperately trying to be hit by a car

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it’s my second week of college why haven’t I found a douchebag with an acoustic guitar yet

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you a new student too little buddy?

you a new student too little buddy?

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i’m really sorry i’m so boring and all i do is reblog things and talk about 2001 anymore but

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i love the lost worlds of 2001 because clarke included a bunch of entries from his journals and they’re so cute i mean

one entry is literally just “july 9. spent much of afternoon teaching stanley how to use the slide rule—he’s fascinated.”

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